What Exceptional Leaders Know



We have written the leadership book that we would have wanted to read earlier in our careers. We strongly believe that we can influence readers in important ways through the practical leadership lessons contained in this book.

Some of the most lessons learned and shared in the book are:

-Leadership is influence
-The difference between leadership and manipulation.
-The importance of self-awareness
-They are thermostats, not thermometers
-They are a work in progress
-The power of words and phrases
-Understanding of personalities and temperaments
-Leadership is not a talent

Who was this book written for? What kind of leader will get the most value from it? Will it be worth your investment of time and money?

We have four target audiences for What Exceptional Leaders Know. They are:

1. The experienced leader who feels that they could really use some fresh ideas and strategies to push themselves and their teams to the next level.

2. The new leader who wants to accelerate their skills and understanding of how exceptional leaders do their jobs.

3. The leadership coach who wants to keep current with what is working with leaders in the field, on the streets, and in the boardrooms.

4. Any leader who thinks they may have peaked. That their most inspired days as a manager or leader may be behind them.

If you are in one of those groups, you are exactly who we hope to reach with this book. We know you are serious about what you do and that you will absolutely benefit from learning what exceptional leaders know. As a progressive leader, you will have the opportunity to integrate these understandings into your own dynamic leadership skill set.

Are you ready to know What Exceptional Leaders Know?

“Tracy Spears and Wally Schmader provide the reader with a blueprint for exceptional leadership. They help the reader understand what being a learning leader really means, and the crucial importance of humility. This book can transform your career.”

-Jim Stovall, Best-selling author of The Ultimate Gift and many other titles

“In every group effort, from athletics to the battlefield to the boardroom, there is no single element more critical to success than strong and effective leadership. Identifying and explaining the broad range of qualities that comprise such a leader is no easy task. In What Exceptional Leaders Know, Wally Schmader and Tracy Spears meet this challenge by specifying, analyzing, andexplaining each of the key characteristics of outstanding leadership. They use language that is clear and compelling, while providing the reader with a road map tobecoming an exceptional leader him or herself.”

-Mike D’Orso, New York Times best-selling author, winner of the Robert F. Kennedy Book Award, and six-time Pulitzer Prize nominee

“What Exceptional Leaders Know is a must-read book for anyone in a leadership position today. Whether in a corporation, faith based organization, government or not-for-profit organization, the tools and strategies you’ll take from this book will be hugely valuable in your overall success.”

-Justin Sachs, Author of The Power of Persistence and eight other best-selling titles


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