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The Six Secrets of Exceptional Closers

Everyone is in sales. It doesn’t matter what your actual job title is… if you want to get important work done, you need to know how to influence decisions. The only real question is: are you good at it? Do you know how to effectively sell an idea or...

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The 7 Most Common Mistakes for Sales Leaders

1. Confusing Manipulation with Leadership A lot of the “leadership” executed by non-developed sales leaders is actually just some form of manipulation. Manipulation can be used successfully and honestly by a leader who understands that it’s a short-term strategy. It can’t take the place of a real coaching or...

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New Sales Job? Read This First.

Congratulations! You have a new job in professional sales. Regardless of the industry, you probably have a great opportunity in front of you. There are a few things you need to know to succeed in this new adventure. This isn’t going to be motivational or product knowledge kind of advice,...

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