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What is Your Leadership Superpower?

A leader’s “Superpower” is their most positive and impactful personality asset. It is the part of them that is most influential to their followers. It can be a learned aspect of their personality, or something they were born with. Every developed leader has at least one Superpower. For most...

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Avoiding a Personal Energy Crisis

We are heading for an energy crisis. Not the one that involves fracking and higher gas prices, this one that is much more important. It is a crisis concerning our own personal energy. There is a ton of research being done about how stress and poor eating affects our...

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Leading a New Team: Part 2

First of all, congratulations! Being asked to take over a new area of responsibility is a fantastic opportunity for a leader. The situation allows you, possibly for the first time in a long time, to look at things with fresh eyes. Everyone gets a clean slate, the people on...

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