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The 6 Mistakes Bad Managers Make Most

1. Trying to Lead Everyone the Same Way It’s amazing how much time leaders and managers spend thinking about initiatives and promotions and how little we spend learning to understand temperaments and what motivates the different kinds of people on our teams. A leader who does not study temperament...

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Learning to Recognize Success Events

Learning to Recognize Success Events

Many progressive books on leadership correctly identify positive recognition as one of the most powerful means a leader has to influence results. Leaders who take the time to recognize where success is happening on their teams will always out-produce leaders who focus on what is broken or what is...

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What is Your Leadership Superpower?

A leader’s “Superpower” is their most positive and impactful personality asset. It is the part of them that is most influential to their followers. It can be a learned aspect of their personality, or something they were born with. Every developed leader has at least one Superpower. For most...

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Avoiding a Personal Energy Crisis

We are heading for an energy crisis. Not the one that involves fracking and higher gas prices, this one that is much more important. It is a crisis concerning our own personal energy. There is a ton of research being done about how stress and poor eating affects our...

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