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The 7 Most Common Mistakes for Sales Leaders

1. Confusing Manipulation with Leadership A lot of the “leadership” executed by non-developed sales leaders is actually just some form of manipulation. Manipulation can be used successfully and honestly by a leader who understands that it’s a short-term strategy. It can’t take the place of a real coaching or...

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Your Leadership Energy Audit

Energy is one of your most crucial assets. What makes it so important for a leader is that it dictates how much you can use your other leadership assets. Your intellect, your attention, your sensitivity, your ability to listen and understand, your patience…these are all subject to your energy...

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David Foster Wallace on Leadership

Sometimes the clearest view of something comes from a non-expert. Their language and descriptions are usually original and not influenced or derived from another source. This is especially true when the subject is leadership. Very few topics have been written about and discussed as much as leadership, and an...

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Leadership Blind Spots

Leadership blind spots are the specific areas where a leader…even a very successful leader…is missing something. A blind spot can be a lack of attention to a certain area or a part of your skill set that never really developed. All leaders have blind spots. Why is this? Because...

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It’s Time To Give Noel Burch Some Credit

Who is Noel Burch? He is the guy who, while working with Gordon Training International in the early 1970’s, developed an amazingly practical description of how people learn things. His theory is often referred to as the competency ladder or the four stages of competence, but he called it...

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The Power of Transparency

The Power of Transparency in Leadership

  One of the most important character traits of today’s high-performance leaders is transparency. We refer to it as a character trait because transparency, both the commitment to it, or the lack of it…is a reflection of the character of the leader. Historically, managers have used a kind of...

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Successful Individuals Drive Organizations

One of the things we have enjoyed most about consulting with progressive organizations is all of the time we get to spend in different team environments. We like to go where the positive action is, where there is a thriving business that’s interested in further developing its people. We...

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