The eight modules in the ELP Course will quickly improve your leadership skill set. Through the three hours of fast-paced video content, you will learn ideas and tactics that you can leverage immediately with your team.

You will be able to access:

  1. Original Content You Won’t See Anywhere Else
  2. Immediately Actionable Recommendations
  3. Real-World Proven Strategies Guaranteed to Get Results
  4. Ideas and Tactics You Will Be Able to Share With Your Team
  5. Eight Modules Delivered in a Concise 15-25 Minutes Each

You will find that after completing the course you will be more a more prepared, more inspired and more capable leader.


The Exceptional Leaders Playbook Course (Certificate Program) costs $195.95 $49.95 for individuals. Please contact us for Team and Organizational pricing.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: $49.95 for the complete Exceptional Leaders Playbook Course 

Bonus: After you have signed up for the Exceptional Leaders Playbook course, you can log in at any time during the next 12 months to revisit any module or get a refresher on the entire ELP Course.

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